The entire car almost died! Passenger unconscious in van

Yasothon, Public van passengers Mukdahan-Yasothon, 6 people traveling during Songkran suddenly vomited and almost lost consciousness. The cause is thought to be due to insufficient air. Clip of a good citizen and officer helping 5 passengers of a public van who were unconscious in the vehicle. Some people have symptoms of dizziness. Vomiting and passing out before being taken to Yasothon Hospital Such events Happened inside a public passenger van. Yasothon-Mukdahan At the Yasothon Provincial Bus Terminal Bypass Road, Mueang Yasothon District, yesterday (April 14) eyewitness Telling the moment he went to help, he said he went in and opened the van door. in order to receive passengers But I saw a woman vomit all over her sleeve. There is one person who is conscious. Ask for help So he called his friends to come help the other 4-5 passengers in the back who appeared to be unconscious. As for the cause, it was likely that there was a problem with the cooling system. Because the car is working too hard. coupled with the hot weather This caused the passengers to suffocate until they fainted and lost consciousness. It shouldn't be caused by a gas leak. Because the driver and the person sitting behind the driver were fine. One female passenger who traveled with the van Said he was sitting in the back seat of the driver. There was a woman sitting next to her. He had tightness in his chest and couldn't breathe, so he tried to talk, but he looked like a person who didn't have air to breathe. She helped with the massage and kept asking if he was okay. Which is another 10 kilometers to the Yasothon bus station. But he couldn't take it and vomited until he reached the transport. So he hurriedly shouted for help. Mr. Somsak, 51 years old, the van driver, said he drove as usual. There was nothing unusual and I looked behind me. I thought the passengers were sleeping normally. I didn't pay attention until I arrived at the Yasothon bus station and found that the passenger couldn't get up. After this, he made an appointment wit h the garage to prepare to take the car in for inspection. But initially it was thought to be caused by the operation of the air conditioning system inside the car. Initially, transportation officials of Yasothon Province Notified not to bring the said van to pick up passengers again. Until the investigation is completed that the incident occurred Inside the car, is there any part that is not working properly? It was reported on April 13th. The car where the incident occurred had two passengers who had the same symptoms. Until taken to Yasothon Hospital Until the incident happened again . Source: Thai News Agency