The intense Iran-Israel war has not yet affected exports but is being monitored.

Nonthaburi, Commerce Minister orders all units to follow the war. 'Iran-Israel' after a return to violence Initially, there is no impact on Thai exports. But watch closely. Prepare a response plan if exports are affected. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, revealed that Iran has launched airstrikes recently. The drone was fired at a target area in Israel. He therefore ordered the Ministry of Commerce Department of International Trade Promotion Office of Trade Policy and Strategy and commercial ambassadors stationed abroad Evaluating the situation that may have an impact on Thai trade. Recently, a report was received from the Office of Foreign Trade Promotion in Tel Aviv, Israel. to the current situation in Iran that requires the public to follow the news closely Schools have not yet been ordered closed. and people are starting to worry about the situation that will follow. For the impact on Thai-Iran trade Initially, there has not been any impact. Because the location of the incident is in Israel It is expected that the fighting situation will not be prolonged. If Israel doesn't fight back. Iran has announced that it will stop attacking. except being retaliated against by Israel And he asked to follow up on the situation in the Strait of Hormuz in Iran, which is an important strait for shipping important products from countries that export almost all of the oil and natural gas in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emirates, Iran, Qatar and Kuwait The Strait of Hormuz It is used to transport 21 million barrels of oil per day, or 21% of the daily global oil shipments. If it is not possible to transport through the said point even temporarily. This could lead to delays in oil supplies and increase transportation costs. This can cause world energy prices to increase. However, he has ordered all relevant departments to monitor the situation and whether it may have an impact on Thai trade with other countries or not, because the incident may have an impact on the world. Countermeasures will be prepared. and solve problems in a timely manner Do not affect Thai exports as a whole. and he will continue to closely monitor the situation If there is progress, we will inform you further. Source: Thai News Agency