Vietnamese university’s President elected to Francophone University Agency’s governing board

President of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) Le Quan was elected to the governing board of the Francophone University Agency (AUF) at the agency’s 18th General Assembly meeting, according to VNU.

The governing board is the highest executive body of the AUF, consisting of 18 members representing 10 regions whose members speak partly or entirely French language. It has the function of approving policies and strategic orientations of the AUF.

VNU President Quan is the only representative of the Asia-Pacific region to join the Board of Directors. Quan’s participation in the board is hoped to contribute to the internationalization process of higher education in the region, in Vietnam and at the VNU, and further promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation between partners in the Francophone bloc.

Established in Montreal, Canada in 1961, the AUF is a multilateral organization that supports cooperation and solidarity among university institutions that use French as a language for teaching, especially those in French-speaking countries in Africa, Arab Saudi, Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. It now groups over 1000 members from 120 countries.

The AUF established its Asia-Pacific regional office in Hanoi in 1993. The agency and VNU have cooperated in training, research, exchange of lecturers and students.

The VNU has carried out several cooperation activities with the AUF. As VNU President, Quan has participated in many Francophone-related activities, and is Vice President of Vietnam – France Friendship and Cooperation Association.

Source: Vietnam News Agency