Quick search for tourists who fell off their kayaks and disappeared. In Ratchaprapha Dam

Bangkok: Officials coordinating divers rush to search. A 24-year-old British tourist lost his boat after falling into the water. Khlong Wang area In Ratchaprapha Dam Several officials are planning a search. Mr. Gowribalan Changhaman, a 24-year-old British tourist, after traveling with friends. at Ratchaprapha Dam Surat Thani Province Before going out to paddle a kayak alone and fell into the water and was lost in the Wang Canal area. By coordinating highly skilled divers from Koh Tao to help search. Because the water level at the scene of the incident was about 50-60 meters high, the water was extremely cold. And the distance from the pier to the scene of the incident takes approximately two and a half hours Source: Thai News Agency