NFTE, a Global Entrepreneurship Education Nonprofit, Announces World Series of Innovation Finalists

Winners will be announced in April

NFTE, a Global Entrepreneurship Education Nonprofit, Announces World Series of Innovation Finalists

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) selected the top finalists in its World Series of Innovation (WSI), presented by Citi Foundation. Finalists represent the top 10 teams in each of WSI’s unique challenges supported by Citi Foundation, Bank of the West, EY, Mary Kay, Mastercard, Maxar, MetLife Foundation, Link Logistics, ServiceNow, and Zuora. Each challenge’s first-, second-, and third-place teams will be announced in April. Prizes range from $300-$1,500. Watch the Announcement at

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) selected the top finalists in its World Series of Innovation (WSI), presented by Citi Foundation.

Finalists represent the top 10 teams in each of WSI’s 10 challenge categories. WSI encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in youth ages 13 to 24, prompting them to solve global challenges in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including climate change, environmental degradation and poverty.

There were 1,249 total submissions from 59 countries around the world. WSI invited participants to submit innovative solutions to unique challenges supported by Citi Foundation, Bank of the West, EY, Mary Kay, Mastercard, Maxar, MetLife Foundation, Link Logistics, ServiceNow, and Zuora. Each challenge’s first-, second-, and third-place teams will be announced in April. Prizes range from $300-$1,500.

By keeping this competition free and accessible for youth worldwide, NFTE upholds its vision of increasing equity in education for youth, regardless of their background.

“Our World Series of Innovation embodies what NFTE teaches every day in our classrooms and communities,” said Dr. J.D. LaRock, President and CEO of NFTE. “By promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for advancing equity in society, WSI is proof of the power of our youth to create meaningful change. We were blown away by our participants this year and their ability to think critically and uniquely about some of the biggest challenges we face today, including environmental, economic, social and racial injustice. Innovation is critical for the development and betterment of our world and is an act of hope for a better future for the planet and generations to come.”

Finalists represent Bangladesh, Canada, India, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and the United States (including California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia).

Among the ideas are Aqua Made, a U.S. team’s concept for decreasing the amount of household water usage by connecting faucets to a digital app; DyCon from Bangladesh, which tackles the large carbon footprint produced by cotton dyeing companies; and EduMaster from India, which aims to increase financial literacy rates in women by creating easily accessible, digital resources. Other projects include Sea Saver, an American team’s proposed product to remove oil from the ocean; Trinidad and Tobago’s Seaweed Solutions, which recycles seaweed to create sustainable material for construction; and Thailand’s Soilmate, a composting bin to decrease waste.

NFTE motivates youth to ignite their entrepreneurial mindset by thinking about real-world challenges. Doing so empowers future leaders outside of a traditional educational curriculum.

To learn more, visit Find a video about the WSI finalists at Direct media inquiries, including requests regarding the teams and their ideas, to Cecilia Apodaca at 970-237-0440 or; or Denise Berkhalter at 917-281-4362 or

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GlobeNewswire Distribution ID 8752140 and WM Holdings Inc. issue Joint Clarification on recent approaches by Digital Currency Group’s Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Stakeholders’s Globally Innovative AI System

Global Telephony Provider and its US Subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. issue joint clarification highlighting their independent and nonaligned postures, as well as the differences between’s TUV Digital Currency equivalent and Cryptocurrencies

Global Telephony Provider and its US Subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. issue joint clarification highlighting their independent and nonaligned postures, as well as the differences between’s TUV Digital Currency equivalent and Cryptocurrencies

LONDON and NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global Cryptocurrency sector is currently undergoing unstable transitionary events. These include bankruptcies and failures of large entities, regulatory action being taken or contemplated within that sector by regulatory authorities, and adversarial postures being taken up by Stakeholders against Cryptocurrency Asset Managing firms.

Against this backdrop – and following contact established with it by entities involved in some of these unstable / adversarial events – (Holdings) Limited and its US Subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. have issued a public clarification – to and for the various parties contacting it, and all/any other relevant parties – clarifying their position and stance in this situation, as well as the structure and nature of the TUV Digital Currency / CBDC equivalent.

Firstly, as a clarification of the status and designation of the TUV Digital Currency / CBDC equivalent, it is not classified as a Cryptocurrency or a Stablecoin. This is because:

  • Although the TUV indeed possesses every positive characteristic of Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins, Digital Currencies – and all the required characteristics of proposed Wholesale and Retail CBDCs on a Global Multicurrency basis – it also exhibits the following very important differences between it and Cryptocurrencies / Stablecoins:
  • TUVs are not sold as Retail Speculative Commodities at costs in the tens of thousands of dollars per TUV. They are provided and acquired at zero cost. Their varying Face Values are determined by the Acquirer, who converts the Currency amount of choice into TUV Digital Currency.
  • The Face Value of each Currency-Backed “Standard TUV” is permanently backed by 100% of the Currency of the TUV Face Value, permanently stored in a Regulated Bank Account (i.e. it is a 100% Reserve Currency equivalent).
  • The Face Value of each Gold-Backed “Secured TUV” is permanently backed by 100% of the TUV Face Value in Gold Bullion, permanently stored in a Secured Gold Storage Facility (i.e. it is a Gold Standard Currency equivalent).
  • The Face-Value of each Programmable “Smart TUV” is permanently backed by either 100% of the Face value in either Currency or Gold (i.e. because Standard TUVs or Secured TUVs are used as the baseline Programmable Instrument).
  • The Securing Currency or Securing Gold of any TUV is permanently available for redemption – on demand by the owner – to the Bank Account of the owner and/or the possession of the owner (if Gold).
  • The TUV Backing Currency can be converted to all other International Reserve Currencies – and other currencies – on demand and without limitation as to the number of conversions, by the owner.
  • The TUVs function according to Distributed Ledger+ and Blockchain+ Systems – meaning that the asset is recoverable by the owner even in a case of Private Keys being lost or misplaced; and that loss or theft of the asset is not possible.
  • The Platform and System reside and function within a Unitary Global System, in which all aspects of Global TUV Creation, Distribution, Acquisition, Purchase or Sale or Trade or Exchange Transactions, Transfer + Payment Transactions, Settlement and Redemption are carried out from, and on, one Platform. This removes all intermediary layers and fees.
  • A TUV Solution facilitating all aspects of TUV activity and transactions exists for the Global Unbanked population exists, facilitating entry of all Unbanked or Underbanked persons Globally into the 21st Century Global Digital Economy environment.
  • The System and TUVs are not in a regulatorily disputed or regulatorily grey-area sector. They are firmly in the Telephony Sector, and have been due diligenced over 13 years in 60+ Due Diligences. The most recent satisfactorily Regulatory Review by the Senior Telephony Regulator in Guernsey – the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority – was in late 2022 (on top of a previous unambiguous clarification by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission in 2021 that is not in the Financial Services Sector). See the document “Recent Regulator’s Review” in the “Resources” section of this article.
WM’s TUVs can be used for large or small transactions in many varying currencies

WM’s TUVs can be used for large or small transactions in many varying currencies

The TUVs and the entire TUV System were reviewed for over a year by some of the world’s foremost Macroeconomists and one of the world’s foremost Macroeconomic Entities. An entire Research Paper was published on the TUVs that confirms all of its characteristics, and that confirms the substantial differences between the TUVs and Cryptocurrencies / Stablecoins, as well as the TUVs’ other ubiquitous and Strategic global applications (See the Research Paper “New Dimensions for the TUV in the System” in the “Resources” section of this article).

For this reason, it is not only entities that currently have holdings in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust that are interested to use TUVs and other facilities / the Platform.

Multiple other entities unconnected to the Cryptocurrency sector events are also considering establishing their own Vehicles through which to acquire TUVs in multiple currencies – or Gold-Backed Secured TUVs – for their clients, for their discretionary portfolios, or for their own portfolios. This is particularly given the proven Inflation and Currency Depreciation Hedges that the TUVs provide. (See the document “TUVs as an Inflation and Currency Depreciation Hedge” in the “Resources” Section of this article).

Moreover, although the Global Cryptocurrency-related Sector represents a significant Market Sector in terms of both value and volume, it is only considered a Market of Secondary Interest to This is because the Cryptocurrency-related Sector – as significant as it is – is small in volume and value compared to the other market sectors in which’s TUVs, Facilities and Platform currently have proven command leads.

These include:

  • Being a proven and operational Global Alternative to SWIFT for Transfers
  • Being a proven and operational Alternative to the Global FX Market for Conversions
  • Being a proven and operational Alternative to the Global Payments Sector for Online and Offline Payments
  • Being a proven and operational Alternative to Global Clearing Houses for Settlements
  • Being a proven and operational Global Wholesale and Retail CBDC equivalent
  • Being a proven and operational Global Unitary Currency equivalent
  • Other Globally Ultra-High Value Attributes

(See the Research Paper “Money and Credit: Potential Expansion of the WM System” in the System” in the “Resources” section of this article).

It is as a result of these Command Leads in these Ultra-High Value Global Sectors that the personnel of Central Banks have previously requested internships at Moreover, an entity representing all Central Banks engaged in CBDC / Digital Currency Research previously requested to set up a joint project to share its knowledge with them, due to it having its own completed, proven and fully-operational Global CBDC-equivalent.

Currently, it has been widely reported in the media that that the SEC is involved in investigations with regard to some of Digital Currency Group’s (“DCG”) subsidiary Genesis Global’s activities and/or transactions. Simultaneously, DCG’s subsidiary Grayscale Investments is reportedly litigating against the SEC in an effort to gain EFT status for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

These events narrowly precede – or follow closely on the heels of – the SEC’s reported increasing crackdown on aspects of Cryptocurrency trading in general, and the fallout from the collapse of the Cryptocurrency-based entity FTX and its subsidiary Alameda Research.

Moreover, it has recently also been widely reported that a number of Stakeholders in the world’s largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Asset Manager – the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (“GBTC”) – have commenced litigation or activism against GBTC. These include well-known firms such as ARK Investment Management, UTXO Management, Fir Tree Partners, Osprey Fund and Valkyrie.

In this unstable environment and climate in that sector, some of the Stakeholder entities involved in the dispute and/or litigation with GBTC have contacted, inquiring as to the potential for them to diversify their holdings in that entity by establishing vehicles that hold TUVs as opposed to GBTC and/or Bitcoin and/or other Cryptocurrency holdings. and its US Subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. have consequently corresponded with the larger of the relevant entities engaged in these adversarial activities – and with also with the Digital Currency Group and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust – to clarify’s and WM Holdings Inc.’s position.

The reasons for this are that:

  •’s US Subsidiary – WM Holdings Inc. – is in the final stages of preparation to commence its Regulation D Rule 506(c) Private Placement, and is currently sourcing potential Placement Partner entities and expressions of potential interest from verified Accredited Investors, directly and via its website.
  • is preparing for Recommencement of Unrestricted Global Operations upon conclusion of WM Holdings Inc.’s Private Placement.

Consequently, it is important to both and WM Holdings Inc. to clarify their positions, so as to remain separate from any adversarial interactions by any parties against each other.

As such – and as and WM Holdings Inc. have informed all relevant parties in writing – the following clarification is applicable:

  • (Holdings) Limited (“WMHL”) and WM Holdings Inc. (“WMHI”) are entities that are 100% shareholder-owned, and are independent of corporate ownership, or affiliation with any other entity or entities.
  • WMHL and WMHI do not and will not make any public comment – whether negative, positive or descriptive – regarding any other entity or entities, product, facilities or sectors; or enjoin in any actions by any parties against any other parties; publicly or privately.
  • Any appropriately KYC’d entity or person – whether DCG, GBTC, entities that are stakeholders in any of those entities, or unrelated to any of those entities – may, at their own discretion and after their own appropriate due diligence, freely acquire TUVs, for their own personal or corporate portfolios or vehicles, with or without corporate interaction with WMHL or WMHI. All that is required is to join as a Member on the WMHL Platform or a Platform of any WMHL “VSMP” (Affiliate) in WMHL’s “TMG Global Alliance”.

In summary, neither WMHL nor WMHI will become involved with, nor make any statements regarding, nor in any way enjoin in any adversarial interactions with or against, any other party or parties.

WMHL and WMHI have their own well-planned and well-functioning agendas and timelines, which are proceeding smoothly. Their only interest at this time – and for the future – is the successful implementation and conclusion of WMHI’s Private Placement, and thereafter the successful Global Implementation of WMHL’s Recommencement of Global Operations.


Website of WM Holdings Inc.:

Website of (Holdings) Limited:

Research Paper “New Dimensions for the TUV in the System”:

Research Paper “Money and Credit: Potential Expansion of the WM System”:

Research Paper “Another Breton Woods Reform Moment: Let Us Look Seriously at the Clearing System

TUVs as an Inflation and Currency Depreciation Hedge” Document:

Recent Regulator’s Review of WMHL” Document:

Video detailing Research on the System:

International Article on the System:

The Group Global Alliance” Page:


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Photos are also available at Newscom,, and via AP PhotoExpress.

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Innovation Zed Announces CE Mark of New Technology InsulCheck DOSE: An Add-on Device That Automatically Logs the Time and Dialled Dosage for Insulin Pen Users

InsulCheck DOSE by Innovation Zed

InsulCheck DOSE by Innovation Zed

DUBLIN, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation Zed, an Irish R&D company specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of medical technologies, announced today it has secured a CE Mark for the InsulCheck DOSE add-on device. As a leader in connected and smart drug delivery technologies, this certification showcases our commitment to meeting relevant health, safety, and environmental requirements regarding consumer safety in the European Union (EU). It also opens the door for commercial expansion within Europe for the growing company.

InsulCheck DOSE is a single-unit add-on device for pen injectors that automatically captures dose value dialled, injection event time stamp and temperature as well as mounting and unmounting events. With InsulCheck DOSE, real-time injection event data are logged and sent automatically to a compatible display device. Product highlights include:

  • A discreet add-on device compatible with all pen-injectors
  • Captures dose dialled, timestamp, ambient temperature, etc.
  • A convenient device with no buttons, no calibration requirements or interference with the normal injection process
  • Increased user engagement through high-quality usability support features from a vibrant OLED screen

Innovation Zed is dedicated to helping insulin pen users within the diabetes population. Given our understanding of the challenges faced by insulin pen users worldwide, our focus is to support all insulin pen users regardless of their injection pen of choice. As a result of a collaboration with our partner SHL Medical and its subsidiary SHL Technologies, InsulCheck DOSE has been developed to meet the compatibility challenges presented by various injection pen designs and in particular the difficulties in working on a technology to reliably and accurately support low-cost disposable pens.

Dr Dean Minnock, CEO of Innovation Zed, said, “InsulCheck DOSE is a third-generation product of the InsulCheck family and the most intelligent and compatible evolution of the InsulCheck platform. InsulCheck DOSE provides data that, when applied correctly, facilitates an evidence-driven approach to precision insulin management and significantly helps people with diabetes make more informed choices for their personal therapy plan. Our InsulCheck DOSE supports all insulin pens without changing the usability of the pen in any way and without interfering in the normal injection process. In securing the CE mark for InsulCheck DOSE we reached an incredible milestone for our company and for people living with diabetes in Europe.”

Innovation Zed expects to initiate a commercial launch of InsulCheck DOSE in Europe during 2023. The company also has plans to introduce bespoke variations of InsulCheck DOSE to new injection devices for various drug therapies over the coming years.

About Innovation Zed

Innovation Zed, Ltd. empowers people to take control of diabetes through connected technology for insulin injection pens. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Innovation Zed has emerged as a leader in injection pen technology. By listening to the needs of users, caregivers, and providers, Innovation Zed simplifies and improves diabetes management around the world. For more information about InsulCheck DOSE visit

Contact Information:
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Research and Innovations Manager

Dean Minnock

Related Images

Image 1: InsulCheck DOSE by Innovation Zed

InsulCheck DOSE automatically captures dose dialled and time since last injection

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Vietnam’s COVID-19 caseload rises to 11,526,825

Vietnam’s COVID-19 caseload rose to 11,526,825 with 15 new cases recorded on February 20, according to the Ministry of Health.

No patients were given the all-clear on the day and the number of recoveries remained at 10,614,722.

Meanwhile, there are four patients needing breathing support.

The death toll from the disease was still kept at 43,186.

More than 266.21 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Vietnam so far./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Quang Binh moves to promote tourism development in ethnic minority areas

Community-based tourism development in ethnic minority areas helps diversify products and services in the sector for the central province of Quang Binh, contributing to raising livelihoods and improving incomes for locals in disadvantaged areas.

Among the more than 40 tourism products that the locality is exploiting, many cultural ones in ethnic minority and mountainous areas have initially attracted tourists.

Visiting Quang Binh, tourists will have a chance to explore pristine caves and landscapes, and learn about culture of the very small Bru-Van Kieu and Ruc ethnic minority groups.

According to Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Ho An Phong, the locality is home to two groups of Bru-Van Kieu and Chut. Each group has its own unique cultural value. These cultural values together with natural resources play a crucial play in socio-economic development in general and tourism development.

Tours to historical sites and experience culture of ethnic minorities on the legendary Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Trail are also typical tourism products of Quang Binh.

A number of unique cultural festivals, recognised as national intangible cultural heritages, have become cultural and tourist events, attracting the attention of tourists.

Quang Binh moves to promote tourism development in ethnic minority areas hinh anh 2

Tours to historical sites and experience culture of ethnic minorities on the legendary Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Trail are also typical tourism products of Quang Binh (Photo:

Last June, the provincial Party Committee issued a resolution on socio-economic development and preserving cultural identity, security and order in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2022 – 2025, with a vision to 2030.

Under the document, the locality will focus on developing tourism products providing an insight into local culture-history and those related to festival activities and folk art culture of the locality, and forming community cultural tourist destinations.

Recently, the provincial Department of Tourism organised a programme to survey tourism products in villages with majestic natural landscapes, and ethnic minority areas that still retain many unique cultural values, with the aim of sketching out plans and measures to develop sustainable tourism development associated with preserving and upholding local traditional cultural values.

According to Tran Xuan Cuong, Director of travel company Netin, to develop sustainable tourism in ethnic minority areas, it must rely on natural resources and communities.

In recent years, Netin has cooperated with local authorities and residents to protect and sustainably exploit tourism resources on the basis of respecting nature and protecting the environment, he said.

Villagers engage tourism activities by providing local products, performing traditional musical instruments serving visitors, while the firm opens training courses instructing locals on how to cook and present dishes and other relevant skills, Cuong said.

The fair sharing of benefits between businesses and local communities will encourage people to participate in the chain of sustainable tourism activities, he added./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam, RoK promote legislative ties

Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Nguyen Duc Hai on February 20 suggested the Republic of Korea (RoK) – Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group make more contributions to the bilateral legislative ties.

At a reception for a delegation of the RoK National Assembly led by Kim Hak-yong, former President of the group, in Hanoi, Hai suggested Yong and other Korean legislators continue supporting RoK firms to expand their investment in Vietnam, particularly in digital technology, renewable energy, support industries, semi-conductor industry and high-quality agriculture.

He highlighted the good bilateral legislative relations, with pragmatic achievements recorded in the spirit of the cooperation agreement signed by the two legislatures in July 2013.

The two sides have maintained high-ranking delegation exchanges, Hai said, recalling the official visit to the RoK by NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue in December 2021, and the visit to Vietnam by Speaker of the RoK NA Kim Jin-pyo last January.

Vietnam, RoK promote legislative ties hinh anh 2

At the working session (Photo: VNA)

The host lauded the role by the RoK-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group and contributions by Yong to the legislative ties.

He suggested the two sides maintain delegation exchanges at different levels with diverse, flexible forms in order to enhance mutual understanding and consolidate the political will on promoting the Vietnam-RoK relationship in a stable manner and for a long term, thus facilitating the expansion of cooperation across spheres.

The two sides should partner to comprehensively implement the 2013 agreement, share professional experience and urge the Vietnamese and Korean Governments to effectively materialise the reached agreements, he continued.

He also suggested RoK legislators coordinate with their Vietnamese counterparts in fostering cooperation between the two countries intensively, effectively and sustainably.

Hai emphasised the bridging role of friendship parliamentarians’ groups in the communication work to promote the friendship between people of Vietnam and the RoK.

For his part, Yong called the upgrading of the Vietnam-RoK relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership a turning point, which has opened up great opportunities for the bilateral cooperation.

The guest expressed his hope that the friendship parliamentarians’ groups of the two countries will step up exchanges, contributing to boosting the legislative ties and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Artists help Vietnamese circus win global respect

With their love for the circus, tireless efforts, and unceasing creativity, artists of Vietnam have made their names known around the world.

In early February, Giang Quoc Co and his younger brother Giang Quoc Nghiep set a new world record by performing a head-to-head balancing act blindfolded in Milan, Italy.

They walked a 40cm-wide and 10m-long surface and climbed up and down 10 steps in 1 minute and 55 seconds. That has made the duo the only in Vietnam to hold four world records.

Earlier, the two had been assisted by the Ho Chi Minh City circus troupe, now the Phuong Nam Arts Theatre, to take part in many international competitions in such countries as China, Italy, and Cuba and continually won prizes, according to the Tuoi tre (Youth) newspaper.

They said those events were wonderful chances for them to learn experience from international artists, realise their weaknesses to improve their skills, and impress major circus troupes in the world.

As a result, the brothers have been invited to perform in many countries like the US, Spain, and Germany.

Nghiep said that to grab global attention, it is necessary to make a difference and create uniqueness. To do that, the first factor is talent with unique acts that are like no other, and another is to bring into play traditional culture as seen in their specially designed “ao dai” – a traditional costume of Vietnam.

Meritorious Artist Bich Lien, Deputy Director of the Phuong Nam Arts Theatre, said Co and Nghiep have made enormous efforts to shine, adding that they have been working industriously, passionately, and creatively while popularising their images well to leave impression in Vietnam and the world.

Aside from the pair, other artists have also been applying themselves to the circus and gained achievements.

Late last year, the Vietnam Circus Federation won two awards at competitions in Russia. Chu Hong Thuy and Pham Thi Huong won a gold prize for their “Du Son” (Red Swing) performance at the Circus Princess festival, which attracted more than 100 female artists from 10 countries.

Notably, there were only two gold prizes at the contest, and the other belonged to a Russian artist.

Meanwhile, Chu Khanh Huyen reaped a bronze award at the “Without Borders” international circus festival. The event drew the participation of more than 120 artists from 15 countries and featured two gold prizes, three silvers, and four bronzes.

Tong Toan Thang, Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, said artists have kept training even amid the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain their performance.

He held that Vietnamese artists can gain more international prizes if they receive more investment, expressing his hope for stronger assistance from state agencies so that artists can take part in international festivals and competitions./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency