“Pitha” sells shares as if admitting that he was wrong


"Somchai" pointed out that "Pita" sold ITV shares. like admitting guilt Therefore, hurry to sell before voting for the Prime Minister.

Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, Political and Development Research Center, Rangsit University and former Election Commissioner (EC) posted a message on Facebook that if Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat Candidate for the Prime Minister and leader of the Progressive Party ITV shares were sold off at the end of May. It is expected that something will happen about qualifications and prohibited characteristics. of MPs under section 98(3), if wrong, still wrong because it is the qualification counted on the application date The Kao Klai Party applied for a list on April 4, which was before the share sale date.

“Mr. Phitha should not be disqualified as Prime Minister. because the voting process has not yet taken place But there may be interpretations from opponents that the qualifications must be counted from the nomination date, April 4, 2023. The sale of shares after applying MPs therefore should not benefit in the case. Because it's wrong, it's still wrong. If it's not wrong, it's not wrong. But the sale made it as if we admitted that it was probably wrong, so sold it before the prime minister was elected. The old power machines are working hard to withstand the changes of society. Don't underestimate that it's an old machine. being decayed or obsolete because of work It never stops, ”said Mr. Somchai.-Thai News Agency.

Source: Thai News Agency